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Bring your dreams of working from home to life!

Take back your freedom and work from anywhere with an online business that you can start right from your home. If you need assistance or accountability, contact me!

I’m here to support my other Black sisters on your journey to financial independence. The barriers it seems that are unique to us, need to be broken down! The mental and emotional barriers. Once your mind is in the right place, you can go after whatever you want. You have to know you can, you deserve it and be ready to put the work in.

If you need a blueprint to guide you, contact me for your online business start-up game plan.

Don’t put it off any longer, the time is now!

That day I was talking about in the video…and the twins were 9, excuse my math, lol!

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to get to know me a little bit and what I want for you…explore my services and resources, created to help you create the life of your dreams.

I’m wishing you the very best on your journey, Shante😍

Services I’m Currently Offering

Social Media Posting + Engagement for Wellness Providers

1 Post M-F + 5 Engagements/day M-F. If you’re ready to go, submit your payment of $300 + the $50 new business registration fee. $300/month thereafter. AFTER PAYMENT SUBMISSION, please click below to complete the registration form for your business.


Online Business Start-Up Blueprint

If you’re an entrepreneur at heart and you want to start an online business I can help. It can be difficult to know where to start and what you should be doing. I have an extremely detailed online registration form intended to extract information about you so that I can tailor a step-by-step blueprint to starting your own online business.

I’ve helped people start businesses online and offline, as well as starting my own social media business here so I’m familiar with the process. You’ll get everything you need from marketing strategies, website suggestions, branding tips, and a very detailed day-to-day operations strategy.

Trust me, you don’t want to go without this if you’re stuck. I want you to be successful, so if you’re not comfortable with anything I present to you, I’d be happy to swap it out with another strategy (one revision). And just for purchasing this, I’m going to include a 5-day social media pack with some images that you can use your first week of advertising your business.

This will be based on the business you’ll start, with branding you like! You’ll be able to download them and then just post when you’re ready. I look forward to helping you start your journey to becoming a small business owner!

Online Business Start-Up Blueprint

If you’re ready, submit your payment and then FILL OUT THE REGISTRATION FORM BELOW. Thanks.


Accountability Buddy | Online Business Start-Up Coach

Sometimes it’s hard to stay on track, even if you know what you want to do and what you’re supposed to be doing. I would like to offer you some assistance to follow through with your goals. This service includes:

  • A plan of action
  • A monthly 30 minute phone call to assess your progress
  • Unlimited one-on-one texts to make sure you’re staying on track with the plan and for support

The unlimited texting is available Monday through Thursday between the hours of 1PM and 6PM anytime you need me. I will respond on a first come first serve basis in addition to my weekly check-ins.

If you’ve been struggling, you don’t have to anymore. Your month starts whenever we start and you can continue to use my service every month until you get where you want to be. I look forward to helping you stay accountable and see your dreams come to life!

*Please note, with this service I am not creating a business for you. I am taking your lead with what business you want to start, and creating a measurable roadmap to help you achieve that goal.

AFTER YOU SUBMIT YOUR PAYMENT please click the link below to complete your questionnaire and we’ll go from there!

Accountability Buddy Service

If you’re ready, submit your payment and then click the form below to complete the questionnaire. After that, I’ll be in touch. Price is for one month of service. For as long as you’d like to continue, the price will be $200 per month thereafter. Thanks.


On a side note…If you don’t have an email provider for your business, I highly recommend FloDesk!

It’s extremely easy to use and has beautiful templates to make emailing a breeze. I use it! You can use my affiliate link here to get 50% off and utilize unlimited features for just $19 per month!

Let’s Start a Business with Shante!
Don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel for free marketing tips and work from home business ideas!

If you have questions first, you can shoot me a message with:
  • Brief Description of your blog/company
  • Which service you’re requesting
  • When you might like to begin

You can also shoot me a text (319) 382-0083

♥ I look forward to working with you ♥