Show Yourself Some Love

Trying to start a business from home is a very popular choice of occupation these days. Trying to figure out which business to pursue is a little bit tougher. For most, it’s either an issue of having too many talents (if that’s an issue), too many interests or not enough enthusiasm about one particular thing. For a lot of us out here, blogging is one of those options that made the final cut. Now blogging in itself is pretty awesome. You can pick any topic you’d like to start blogging about and then you get to share your wisdom with lots of awesome readers, like YOU!

Finding that topic you’d like to blog about is another one of those ‘pen-to-pad’ moments. Again, you’re hung up on all the topics you like, would like to talk about or know a lot about. In order to reach the best market for you, it’s a good thing to specialize in something vs. writing in general. Then you get caught up in trying to figure out what’s popular and what do readers want to hear about? While that’s all fine and dandy, remember that you have to like what you do. It can’t all be about what other people want. Simplify your life and go with what you love, what comes easy to you.


You ever hear the term, there’s someone for everyone. This is true for blogging, too. Any subject matter floating around in the digital world will find its mate. If you love technology, you’ll find an audience. If you love weddings, you’ll find an audience. If you love cooking, you’ll find an audience. You get my drift. What I’m saying is, don’t be afraid to do what YOU love. When you put your best foot forward and provide valuable, quality content, there will be someone who can benefit from your knowledge. Why bring this up now? Because I’ve just recently had an epiphany of my own.

I had an aha moment where I realized how difficult it can be to try to create or search for topics to blog about when you’re blogging about something that’s not your love. I’m pretty passionate about entrepreneurship and helping people start businesses. I love writing, so I love blogging but I felt something was missing from my blogs.  I read an article yesterday about 5 habits of Millionaires. Something that was consistent on that list was taking care of yourself completely. Every aspect of caring for yourself, from your mental state to fitness, spirituality and developing routines.

I realized that my first love and something that comes easy to me, is living a healthy lifestyle. Over the years, I’ve developed so many habits that have been beneficial for myself, my family and anyone around me who will listen. This is something that I would also love to share with my blogging audience. These are all critical things that have changed my life for the better and promote clarity in being. With that said, I’m going to show myself some love and also blog about my first love, living a healthy lifestyle and including the family. I hope that you can benefit from the gems I’d like to sprinkle your life with. Stay tuned!


And did I forget to mention, I’ve just self-published my first book on Amazon! Super exciting for me. It’s called How to Start a Hair Braiding Business From Home. I went out of my comfort zone and did lots of research to put this book together. Because of my passion for entrepreneurship, I want anyone who has skills to utilize them to their own financial benefit. I hope that people who have braiding skills will benefit from my book. I enjoyed the challenge and my sense of accomplishment in completing it. I’m working on my second book in a series to promote self-employment in communities. This one is about niche ideas for home daycares and how to market them. Another exciting journey for me.

Well there you have it guys, I’m going to start showing myself some more love and doing the things I love. I want the same for you. Re-evaluate your priorities and make sure you’re doing something that makes you smile. Show yourself some love…do what you love. Is anyone doing something in their lives that they love and would like to share? I’d love to hear about it. Anything from working out more, cooking, blogging about something you’re passionate about, feel free to comment below.

Best to you, Shante ♥


Author: Shante is a homeschooling mother, solopreneur and health and fitness wannabe who’s building her agency through social media posting by day!

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Author: Shante is a homeschooling mother, solopreneur and health and fitness wannabe who's building her agency through social media posting by day!

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