Hi There…


Need help driving traffic to your site?!

 Guess what? I have a solution for you!


I specialize in driving traffic to your site or landing page through Pinterest Marketing and building you a strong email list for mass, targeted marketing to increase your chances in sales growth.

I was working for a corporate company for about 5 years. That company decided to downsize and outsource my department so I was laid off.

Rather than look for work with another company, with the potential to do the same thing, I started this company. I’ve extensively educated myself on the skills I’m offering to you.

So if digital management and marketing is not your cup of tea, pass the cup. If you’re spending too much time away from your family trying to put everything together…

Don’t do it!

Hire Amira Bella to do the work!

Who am I?

Amira Bella means Beautiful Princess.

I’m driven to support businesses that promote and actively engage in making people feel beautiful and awesome from the inside out.


I’m also passionate about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.

For these reasons, I love to work with companies who share this philosophy and are actively using their gifts to promote health and vitality through their work.


Founder of Amira Bella Agency, I’m also a wife and homeschooling mother to beautiful twin girls. I have a strong appreciation of family and living a healthy lifestyle.


We like to go on adventures and explore our Creator’s playground 🙂

  I’ve created websites, blogs and successful social media posts (see Portfolio Page). I just completed my Associate of Arts degree. I also enjoy helping entrepreneurs and I’m a newly self-published author on Amazon.

Shante ♥